Chamber wants to work with Asda

BANBRIDGE Chamber of Commerce has offered the hand of business friendship to Asda following their planning refusal last week.

Friday, 19th October 2012, 9:00 am

New Chamber President Neil Shaw said he and other members firmly believe a new supermarket within the town centre would add an extra vibrancy to the area.

Responding to the company’s claims it retains an interest in the area Mr Shaw said, “If Asda are still serious about their commitment to locate in Banbridge the Chamber of Commerce would be keen to work with them or any other supermarket in helping to locate in the town centre.

“The Chamber believes there are several large sites available in the Town Centre which would have a positive impact on the vibrancy and vitality of the area.”

Mr Shaw also moved to reiterate that the Chamber did not object to the Asda application, and added that he felt the Environment Minister’s reasons for objecting to the plans were to do with location and traffic.