Caught twice driving without insurance

A 25 year old Banbridge man caught twice driving without insurance has been banned from the roads for 16 months.

Roy Ringland from Beechlands appeared before the local court last Thursday when he pleaded guilty to having no insurance on 1 August last year.

He was also charged with having no insurance and failing to provide a specimen of breath on 17 November.

He was banned for 16 months and fined a total of £600. Ringland, a stock controller, also had to pay an offender’s levy.

The court heard how on 1 August, police were on duty on the A1 near Dromore when they stopped a Corsa.

Ringland confirmed ownership of the car but the insurance policy had expired on 8 June.

At 4.40am on 17 November last, police pulled over Ringland driving a red Clio. They wanted to speak to him about his speed, but detected a strong smell of alcohol from his breath.

His eyes were also heavily bloodshot.

Ringland refused to provide a sample of breath and further enquiries revealed he wasn’t insured.

A solicitor said Ringland had taken out an insurance policy and was paying by direct debit every month.

“He was the victim of the payday loans. He received a letter to say he was in arrears and put money in his account but it was too late.

“When he put the money in he thought the policy was re-instated.”

The court heard that Ringland found himself in a similar situation on the next occasion when there was not enough money in his account.

Referring to the drink driving charge, the solicitor said Ringland had been staying at a friend’s but woke in the early hours and “foolishly” thought he was sober enough to drive home.

“He also foolishly decided not to provide a sample but stubbornly said he wanted legal advice.”

Ringland was given 20 weeks to pay the fines but was warned that if he doesn’t pay on time, he could serve seven days in prison.