Card-skimming device found on ATM

ATM machine.
ATM machine.

Police are investigating reports that a card skimming device was found on a cash machine in Lisburn.

A spokesperson for the PSNI said that they received a call regarding a suspected card skimming device which was found after a member of the public attempted to use a cash machine on Longstone Street.

The said: “Our investigations are ongoing at this stage but maybe you can help us with our enquiries. Did you see any suspicious activity around any ATMs in Longstone Street recently? Or was there anyone hanging around when you were using an ATM? Have you noticed anything unusual when you have used an ATM such as any out of the ordinary issues with your card? If so please get in touch quoting serial 631 of today’s date.”

Police were unable to provide further information about which specific ATM was reported but advised the public to exercise caution when using machines in the area.