Calls to reduce speed limit at Milltown PS

Local politicans have called for the speed limit in the vicinity of Milltown School, Lenaderg to be reduced.

Tuesday, 12th April 2016, 11:23 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th April 2016, 11:32 am
Ulster Unionist Assembly Candidate Jo-Anne Dobson and Cllr Glenn Barr calling for increased road safety measures at Milltown Primary School.

Upper Bann DUP Assembly candidate Sydney Anderson, Ulster Unionist Assembly candidate Jo-Anne Dobson and Councillor Glenn Barr have all made the call for increased road safety measures in the area.

Mr Anderson said: “I am aware that local residents and parents of children at the school are concerned about the speed of traffic travelling along the Lurgan Road, Lenaderg. It also has to be recognised that this road regularly experiences a heavy volume of traffic.

“I am of the belief that serious consideration must now be given to reduce the speed limit in the vicinity of the school from 40 mph to 30 mph. This is a matter of safety for the children at the school and action needs to be forthcoming to reduce the possibility of an accident taking place.

“It is my intention to liaise with Transport NI to highlight these serious concerns and I am committed to putting forward a case on why I believe a speed limit reduction needs to be put in place at this location.”

Jo-Anne Dobson shared his concerns.

She said: “I have been repeatedly raising concerns with TransportNI on behalf of parents regarding the speed of traffic as it passes Milltown Primary School and through Lenaderg. It continues to pose a significant risk to pupils, parents and pedestrians.

“There have been a number of road traffic accidents at the entrance to Milltown Primary School, including a vehicle dangerously mounting the kerb. Having visited the school again this week alongside Councillor Barr it is clear that the site lines when leaving the school are poor and there is a real need for increased measures to reduce the speed of traffic.

“Once again I have made the Board of Governors at the school aware of the contact which I continue to receive from parents and that I would be, once again, calling for additional safety measures along this stretch of the road.”

Councillor Glenn Barr said: “Some months again, following contact from constituents, Mrs Dobson and I requested a traffic assessment which was conducted by TransportNI, however this has not led to any changes which are so clearly needed to reduce the speed of traffic as it passes the school.”

In conclusion Mrs Dobson said: “I have contacted TransportNI once again to request that appropriate assessments are conducted and measures urgently brought forward to reduce the risk.”