Calls for speed ramps on Ballymoney Hill

A request for traffic calming measures along the Ballymoney Hill has been made at a recent meeting of Banbridge Council.

Councillor David Herron suggested a letter be forwarded to DRD as residents have been complaining about the speed of traffic “along that stretch of road.”

Councillor Marie Hamilton also requested that traffic calming measures along the Castlewellan Road also be sought from DRD.

However Councillor John Hanna aired caution as he felt speed bumps would not provide suitable traffic calming at either location.

Councillor Glenn Barr remarked that DRD should ensure that residents be “adequately consulted” about any proposed traffic calming measures at the locations mentioned.

Councillor Ian Burns pointed out that residents were normally consulted about proposed traffic calming measures through advertisements in the local press.

Mr Burns said in his opinion it was imperative that residents actually looked at what was being proposed as in the case of traffic calming measures installed along the Ballygowan Road, some residents were happy with the controls in place but many were not and would like to see the speed humps removed.

Mr Herron commented that speed humps would be a “last resort” and suggested a road survey be carried out to establish the best form of traffic calming measures.

One Ballymoney Hill resident, who did not want to be named, told the Leader speed was definitely a problem but she didn’t see speed ramps as a solution.

“Ballymoney Hill is quite steep and I think the speed ramps would make driving up the hill a nightmare,” she said.

“The main problem with speeding is people coming down the hill. Drivers don’t seem to relaise how steep the hill is and their speed creeps up.

“There are a couple of bottlenecks on the road and cars come down too fast. There have been some near misses when there are cars coming up the hill and they meet traffic coming down too fast at these places.”

The resident said the hill was residential and drivers needed to remember that.