Call for old photos to mark bakery’s 60th

Grahams Bakery
Grahams Bakery

An appeal has been made for vintage photos of Dromore, as local business Graham’s Home Bakery hope to put them on show as part of their 60 year celebrations.

The bakery was started by May Graham in Meeting Street in 1956 and it was an old photo of her shop at that time that gave Timothy Graham, May’s grandson and sales and marketing manager with the bakery, the idea of gathering old photos from that era to mark the milestone.

“We’re looking for old photos of Dromore from around the 1950’s.

“We thought it would be fun to see what we could piece together. We’d love to try and make a map of old Dromore with the different photos to sketch out where local shops would have been.

“Shops have changed and moved on over the years and it would be good to see what they were once like and what old memories people have. Through these we’d love to try and recreate the look and feel of Dromore in the 1950’s.

“We’re not so interested in family portraits or photos just of people, but more photos that show shop fronts and places in Dromore and if there are any of our bakery, then that would obviously be a bonus for us.”

Tim found the old photo last year when he pulled it out of the attic.

“I had been going through 1000s of old photos and slides when I came across this and I was really chuffed with it. The old sweetie jars in the window and the little boys on the milk cans are very nostalgic.”

The business began when May Graham baked a few buns for a church event at Dromore Gospel Hall. She had some left over so she put them in the shop window and they sold out by lunchtime, and the rest is history.

If anyone has photos they would like to share with Graham’s, send an email to or share to their Facebook page - ‘Grahams Bakery’.