CAB case is dismissed

A court has dismissed an appeal against the findings of a tribunal made by a former employee against the Banbridge Citizens Advice Bureau.

Wednesday, 30th April 2014, 7:08 am

Paul Keogh made a number claims before an industrial tribunal, including unfair dismissal and sex discrimination against Banbridge and District Citizens Advice Bureau.

In 2013 the tribunal unanimously dismissed these claims and Mr Keogh took the matter to the Court of Appeal.

Lord Chief Justice Declan Morgan, Lord Justice Malachy Higgins and Lord Justice Paul Girvan heard the appeal and ruled that it was “without merit.”

The court heard that Mr Keogh was employed by the CAB in Banbridge as a Generalist Adviser from November 2009 until December 13, 2011, when he was dismissed on the grounds of gross misconduct.

Following a disciplinary procedure, the CAB found Mr Keogh guilty of insubordination and intimidatory behaviour leading to an irretrievable breakdown in relationships.

The court also heard that there were no problems with Mr Keogh’s work or behaviour until mid-August 2010 after which the Tribunal found that there were various pressures in his private life which gave rise to stress.

Following an initial appeal, which was dismissed, Mr Keogh then took his appeal to the Court of Appeal. After listening to Mr Keogh’s claims, the three judges ruled that the appeal be dismissed, deeming it to have been without merit.