Time for traders to revolt against charges

DEAR Editor,

At a time when motorists are getting hammered from all directions with fuel and insurance increases I find it amazing that Department of Regional Development (DRD) are considering introducing street parking charges in a number of towns across the province.

This will have a major impact on two fronts, not just the cost to the motorist but to town centre trading. It is time all town centre traders revolted against these charges.

I would ask the DRD where does this money go that they collect from parking fees?

Town centres and town councils need to be encouraging shoppers into their town centres and not allow the DRD to drive them away.

In our case in Banbridge a considerable number of residents are shopping at Sprucefield and Craigavon where they can enjoy free parking without the hassle of worrying about parking fees in carparks etc.

Traders and town councils need to make a stand on this issue on behalf of their residents who are being pushed to the brink and are struggling for survival in this poor economic climate.

D.A. Gregg