MP keeps pressure on bank after meeting

UPPER Bann MP David Simpson has called on RBS to end the stress felt by Ulster Bank customers.

Speaking after meeting with RBS Chairman Sir Philip Hampton at RBS HQ in London, David Simpson said: “As might be expected this was a very robust meeting where we expressed our position in very a frank and forthright manner.”

“The Chairman of RBS was left in no doubt whatsoever about the anger and frustration felt by his customers and our constituents about the ongoing crisis that has engulfed Ulster Bank.

“We took the opportunity to express the anger felt by customers at the lack of any firm date for the conclusion of this saga. We urged RBS to put all necessary resources – be it technical, financial or personnel into Northern Ireland to speed up attempts to resolve this. Local staff have been wo0rking extremely long hours and need every assistance that RBS HQ can now provide.

“We pressed the RBS Chairman on the future commitment of the Group to Ulster Bank and he stated that they remained fully committed to the future operation of the Ulster Bank in Northern Ireland. He also committed to all necessary investment to ensure that the computer problems would not be repeated and to rebuilding relationships with customers.

“We also urged RBS in very strong terms to ensure that full compensation is paid, not only to Ulster Bank customers in respect of direct charges. But we also urged them to ensure that customers who have suffered indirect loss and non-customers who have suffered as a result of Ulster Bank problems through no fault of their own are also properly compensated.

“We urged more clarity from the bank as to the availability of money through ATMs and highlighted the lack of proper communication both to the public and to customers.

“Whilst we received some reassurances it is clear that pressure needs to be continued to be applied and along with colleagues I will continue be monitoring carefully how the bank responds to the justified anger of people in Northern Ireland and their representatives.”