Mixed reaction for Government 5p cut proposal

Banbridge could be in line for a 5p cut in fuel prices.
Banbridge could be in line for a 5p cut in fuel prices.

News that Banbridge could be in line for a 5p cut in fuel prices has been met with a mixed reaction by our readers on Facebook.

The Government has proposed a scheme which would see people living in rural areas, including this district, receiving a cut in fuel duty.

The scheme is already in place on islands off the coast of Scotland where residents get a 5p discount to compensate for the fact that the cost of transporting fuel there means prices are much higher.

However, the scheme would need to get the go-ahead from the European Commission.

But motorists have not been too receptive to the idea on our Facebook page.

Gareth McCartan said that he felt that a cut “will hardly make any of us rich.”

David Montgomery added, “[This] sounds like a Government move to make it look like they care when they could knock 50p off and still be raking it in.”

And Doreen McBride questioned, “Why do we pay more for fuel and postage when we live in the UK?”

However, there was one cautious welcome from Stewart Penn. He said, “Any reduction has to be welcome, so long as the fuel retailers don’t then increase their margin.”

The announcement was made by the Chief Secretary to the Exchequer, Danny Alexander MP. A consultation process is underway with retailers.

“As a Highlander, I know that for people who live in rural areas driving is not a choice, but a necessity,” he said. “So while it won’t be easy to get this agreed with the Commission, I want to do everything I can to make this happen.”