Huge Rathfriland sink hole a ‘massive hazard for motorists’

New Line Road
New Line Road

A local councillor has claimed the DRD are ignoring work in the rural areas for main towns and cities.

Glenn Barr was speaking this week as motorists complained of a huge sink hole which has developed on the New Line Road off the Ardragh Road in the Rathfriland area near Banbridge.

Ballykeel Road Rathfriland

Ballykeel Road Rathfriland

He said he had already complained to the DRD last month, about the same hole along with the condition of other roads including the main Rathfriland Road and the Ballykeel Road.

He said the repairs have largely been ignored but claimed if the repairs had been carried out sooner Transport NI would not be faced with a huge bill and a much larger hole.

“My fear is that rural areas like Rathfriland are just being forgotten about,” he said. “This hole which was a pot hole should have been repaired a long time ago. If it had been repaired when we comaplined about it the DRD would not be faced with this sort of problem.

“The hole you could nearly fit a car into it. It was once a pot hole but it has now got so big.”

Roads in Rathfriland in need of repair

Roads in Rathfriland in need of repair

He continued, “This did not happen because of the weather, but the heavy rain certainly has not helped. This is a massive hazzard for motorists.

“This should not be left for someone to get seriously hurt on or their car damaged.

“Yellow paint was placed over it so I have been told they are at least looking to repair it but that will not be until January 5 that is weeks after the complaint. If this had been in a main town or city this would have been looked at.

“The problem is that the DRD are concentrating on roads and street lighting in cities and in main town. We in the rurual areas are being totally forgotten about.

“We pay the same rates and taxes as anyone else so if there is a damage that urgently needs repaired then they should be doing it. The problem is that it has been left and now look at the size of it. It is a massive hazzard.

“I dont know how much it was to repair but if it was about £40 now because it was not fixed you could be talking about well in excess of £1000.

“If it was fixed sooner we would not be in this predicament. They might have to resurface the whole road again. Im not one for using a sticking plasterto repair something if it has to be reapired it has to be repaired right.”

A DRD spokeswoman said: “TransportNI are investigating this and will take any appropriate action in due course.”