‘Help fulfil Dromore’s potential’

Consultants have been

appointed to develop a £45,000 ‘masterplan’ to serve as a blueprint for the

development of Dromore for the next 10 to 15 years.

Announcing the appointment yesterday (Monday) of G M Design Consultants, Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland called on all those with an interest in Dromore’s development to work with them to ensure the plan captured Drommore’s full potential.

It is expected the plan will take 18 months to draw up, during which time the consultants will work with a wide range of stakeholders to produce a vision of how Dromore will grow, diversify and prosper in the future.

Come next autumn it is expected there will be a 12-week period of public consultation when local people will be invited to view the draft proposals and make comments.

“The masterplan will act as an important first step forward for the continued regeneration of Dromore for the next 10 to 15 years,” said Mr McCausland.

“I would encourage all those with an interest in the future development of the County Down town to work in partnership with the consultants to ensure that the plan fully captures Dromore’s potential.

“I want to see the town continue to attract new visitors and business whilst at the same time protecting the town’s historic character.”

Banbridge District Council’s Leisure and Development director, Catriona Regan, said the local authority was pleased to be working in partnership with DSS in helping drive forward the plan.

“The new masterplan will provide a clear framework,” she said, “for the delivery of further development projects and will give us the tools to drive forward regeneration in the town.”

The masterplan will present a framework within which detailed proposals can be developed for a mix of business, tourism, leisure, public space and housing that could be accommodated.