Farmers raise concerns with politicians

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Local farmers have raised their concerns about the changes with CAP Reform at an event organised by Diane Dodds MEP and local MP David Simpson.

Both the local representatives and DARD officials addressed over 150 farmers from across the Upper Bann area to inform them of the planned changes to CAP reform and single farm payments.

Following the event Mr Simpson said: “Seeing such a large crowd attend our event was a reminder to me the sheer concerns that are being felt within the agriculture industry today.

“It is vital that our farmers are given the adequate support to carry out their duties in a safe and prosperous manner.

“I would call on all farmers in the area to please contact either Diane Dodds or I for further assistance on the issue of CAP reform or any other problems they are facing.

“In the Banbridge area we are proud of the key role our farmers play and I will continue to use my position in Westminster to address the many barriers affecting the industry today.”