Elderly having to run bins gauntlet

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Thoughtless motorists have driven besieged Rampart Street residents to protest as elderly locals face dragging heavy bins to lorries forced to steer clear of the street.

Parked cars are reportedly preventing council refuse collection lorries from accessing the Dromore cul-de-sac and elderly householders are having to drag their bins some distance, over steep steps.

While inconsiderate drivers are taking the brunt of the blame, the local authority is facing calls to act in the interest of those residents affected.

They come via the SDLP’s Dolores Kelly, who has taken up the residents’ cause.

“I’ve been contacted,” she said, “by a number of elderly residents around the Rampart Street area in Dromore, who’ve been forced to run the gauntlet each bin collection day because council lorries can no longer access their street as a result of parked cars.

“The steps around the alley here are very steep and because the lorry can’t access the cul-de-sac pensioners are forced to walk even further with heavy bins.

“Their needs must trump the needs of those searching for a quick parking spot.”

The Upper Bann MLA said she had been in touch with police, the local council and the Department for Regional Development, regarding enforcement of parking restrictions in the area.

“We’re currently having a survey for double yellow lines carried out,” she said, “but primary responsibility here lies with the council.

“If their lorries are unable to access the area, they must put something else in place to assist these older people and local residents.

“In the meantime, I would appeal to motorists in the area to show some consideration for local people, especially on bin collection days.

“A few moments of thought could help some of our elderly neighbours immeasurably.”

Due to Easter holidays, at time of going to press no-one at Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council was available for comment.