Couples left heartbroken by Dromore photographer

ONE of the customers of a Dromore-based photographer who was the centre of a UTV report last week has spoken of her heartache.

Liz Cummins told the Leader that Mark Heaslip, of Alpha-Omega Photography, had still not returned her numerous calls after the report.

Liz is one of a number of people who claim Mr Heaslip has ruined the memories of their big days by either taking poor quality pictures at their weddings or seemingly disappearing after being paid for photos he has yet to take.

She said he had still failed to get back to her even after the television programme. “The last I heard from him was mid-November 2010,” she said.

“I have tried phoning both mobile numbers I have for him and both of them are switched off and going straight to answer machine, which I had left a few messages on. “His website has been down for some time now and he didn’t reply to any of the emails I sent him. I called to his house a few weeks ago but he’s not there, the house is totally cleared out!”

Other couples recalled the disappointment when they received the photos they had paid for. David and Clare Evans paid Mr Heaslip £300 for photos of their wedding last September.

However they said they were “heartbroken” with the results and Clare detailed how her dress looked “nictoine-stained or like something yellow had been spilled on it.”

“It hurts to see my dress like that in that photo, when it shouldn’t have been,” Clare added.

Mr Heaslip spoke to a UTV reporter and denied poor workmanship, saying he had only had two complaints. He added that he will be closing his wedding photography business, but insisted he will honour commitments already made.