Asda vows to keep fuel costs low

AMID rising fuel costs, Asda has reiterated its pledge that, should it be granted planning permission at the Newry Road, local customers will be offered competitive pricing.

The supermarket chain announced its eagerness to build a 25,000 square foot store with more than 300 car parking spaces and a petrol station towards the end of last year.

And now, as people try to cope with ever-rising petrol and diesel prices, the company’s property communications manager said the proposed new store could be a way to offer more customer choice.

“Families across Northern Ireland continue to face major pressures on their finances which is why we want Banbridge to benefit from greater consumer choice and that includes fuel,” said Philip Bartram.

“When it comes to petrol pricing we keep it simple – we try to be the first to drop and the last to put them up, wherever you live.”

At a public exhibition in February the company claimed around 250 people attended, 63 per cent of whom took part in a survey and said the town would benefit from increased shopping choice if Asda got the go-ahead.

Mr Bartram also said that Asda’s Newry Road scheme would provide up to 200 new full and part-time jobs.

“We want shoppers to benefit from increased competition, a better range and variety of products, cheaper prices and improved employment opportunities,” he added.

“It’s clear from the recent consultation there is strong local demand for Asda to come to Banbridge where 39% of respondents said they currently travelled outside of the town to carry out their main food shop.

“We were encouraged that nine out of 10 respondents said our store would encourage people to shop locally and more often, which is good news for the town.”