Build before someone is killed - Moutray

A bus station is needed now more than ever, accoridng to Upper Bann MLA Stephen Moutray.

“Following the meeting with the delegation I am more convinced than ever for the need of a bus station in Banbridge. Banbridge unlike many other towns across the province similar in size and population has neither a bus station nor a railway connection.”

“Banbridge has a significant population with almost 40,000 people. The town is in much need of this service and therefore I would wholeheartedly pledge my support for this long running issue to be resolved. With Banbridge Council having assured the committee of their commitment to this scheme I believe that with a joined up approach an excellent service could be provided for the good people of Banbridge.”

“At present there are over 300 bus movements daily with buses having to stop in the main street causing a major health and safety concern for those boarding and for the other road users.

“Over half of the working population in Banbridge commute outside the district, therefore a large number of people are bus dependant and the current situation is totally unacceptable and unsafe for these people.”

“A commitment was given a number of years ago by the department that a bus station was needed but unfortunately this was only lip service. I will be calling on both Translink and the Minister Danny Kennedy MLA to address this matter and to deal with it as a priority before someone is tragically killed with the mayhem caused by the current situation.”