Buckley urges Upper Bann to vote for strong Unionist representation

Outgoing MLA Sydney Anderson who is also acting as Jonathan Buckley's election agent and Councillor Jonathan Buckley
Outgoing MLA Sydney Anderson who is also acting as Jonathan Buckley's election agent and Councillor Jonathan Buckley

Upper Bann DUP Assembly Candidate Councillor Jonathan Buckley has encouraged voters in the constituency to exercise their democratic right to vote and to transfer to other pro-Union candidates.

Councillor Buckley said: “Over the last four weeks I have enjoyed being able to engage with many people throughout Upper Bann on the issues that matter to them.

“I firmly believe this election is the most important election in a generation and believe those who cherish the Union and Northern Ireland’s place within it must exercise their right to vote by voting for strong Unionist representation in the form of the DUP.

“If Sinn Fein were to emerge victorious after this election the republican agenda will be furthered and this would be to the detriment of Northern Ireland.

“I feel it is essential that the people of Upper Bann vote and I have encouraged the electorate over the last few weeks to vote Buckley 1, Lockhart 2 and then to transfer to other pro-Union candidates so that Unionist representation can be maximised.

“As someone who was born, educated and have worked all my life in the Upper Bann constituency I have a real passion for this area and if elected to Stormont I will give my all to being a strong voice and advocate for the people.

Speaking after the DUP’s Manifesto Launch at the Stormont Hotel, councillor Buckley said: “It was good to be able to join with colleagues as we launched our manifesto for the upcoming election.

“The outcome will decide the future direction of Northern Ireland and as such I feel it is vital that strong Unionist representation is achieved through the DUP emerging as the largest party ahead of Sinn Fein.

“We are asking for a renewed mandate for our five-point plan focusing on our Health Service, creating more jobs and increased incomes, protecting family budgets, raising standards in education for all and infrastructure investment.

“We also launched an update setting out our party stance on the negotiations that will follow the election which includes not compromising on fundamental unionist principles and not permitting a rewriting of the past nor persecution of the security forces.”

“Ultimately, it is imperative that Unionism emerges from the election in a position of strength.

“Whilst our party will not be prepared to give in to radical republican demands, there is a real danger that the government will be prepared to make major compromises if Sinn Fein were to emerge as the largest party after the election.

“It is therefore imperative that the electorate give their support to the DUP.

“I and many others want to live in a peaceful and prosperous Northern Ireland that is secure in the Union and to advance this vision it is essential that strong Unionist representation is secured through voting DUP on March 2.”