Bruce saved from death row

A TERRIER dog called Bruce has been saved from death after Banbridge Court granted the local council permission to issue a certificate of exemption.

The dog belonging to Peter Tazzioli from Roes Hill Laurencetown was seized by Banbridge District Council earlier this year after he reported it missing.

Last Thursday’s court heard how the dog underwent a period of assessment to ascertain if it was deemed a dangerous Dog under the amended Dangerous Dogs Northern Ireland Order.

A solicitor acting on behalf of Banbridge District Council told the court that Bruce was “a big dog” but not dangerous and she wanted the court to approve the issue of the exemption certificate.

She explained that Mr Tazzioli would get Bruce back, only if certain requirements were adhered to. This included the dog being neutered.

District Judge Mr Paul Copeland was told how Bruce, an English Bull Terrier Cross came to the Council’s attention when he went missing.

It was also explained that under the legislation, Bruce would have to be put down, if this certificate wasn’t issued.

The dog has been kept in kennels since he was seized at a cost of £480.

Mr Tazzioli’s barrister Justin Byrne said his client agreed to the conditions.

He also stressed there were no incidents involving Bruce and he only came to the Council’s attention when his owner reported him missing.

Tazzioli will be given two months to carry out the requirements and if he complies, the Council will issue the certificate and Bruce will be released.

Mr Copeland ordered Tazzioli to pay a contribution of £275 towards the costs.