Brothers in court over ‘nasty’ incident in Magheralin

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Two brothers were both given prison sentences last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court after they were involved in a disturbance at a housing estate in Magheralin.

They were Stefan Farrell (24) and Ashley Farrell (21), both of Mourneview Avenue, Lurgan.

Stefan Farrell admitted criminal damage to a door on September 17 last year and disorderly behaviour on March 18.

For each of the two offences he was sentenced to five months in prison, suspended for three years.

He was also ordered to pay £80 compensation for the damage to the door.

Ashley Farrell pleaded guilty to common assault on a male and criminal damage to a car on September 17.

For the assault offence he was given three months immediate custody and a concurrent five month term was imposed for criminal damage.

Later in the court he was released on his own bail of £250 to appeal against the sentences.

The court heard that at approximately 2.30am Stefan Farrell ran up to the front door of a house at Clarendon Park, Magheralin.

The injured party quickly closed the door but Farrell punched his fist through one of the glass panes.

In his statement to police the injured party said when he opened the door there were two males, Ashley Farrell and another person.

Farrell punched him in the face and as he tried to defend himself the defendant kept trying to hit him.

The victim was then on the ground and he was kicked in the ribs by the other person. He also felt a punch to the left hand side of the face.

The bonnet of the injured party’s car was damaged and the windscreen cracked.

On March 18 police went to an ongoing domestic incident between the two brothers at Mourneview Avenue.

They had to be separated and police were asked to remove Stefan Farrell from the property..

Mr Gabriel Ingram, representing both defendants, said on September 17 Stefan Farrell had been at a party a few doors away and heard that his younger brother had been assaulted.

He added that his client was heavily intoxicated and became embroiled in the situation.

Mr Ingram said that on the second occasion drink was taken and the defendant’s mother rang the police.

Referring to Ashley Farrell Mr Ingram said that the defendant had drink taken and had gone to this person’s home.

He added that Farrell had a carry out for a party but was rebuffed and this led to the altercation.

Sentencing Stefan Farrell District Judge, Mrs Bernie Kelly, said rehabilitation within the community had not worked with him so she didn’t see any point in wasting his time or probation’s time by sending him back to probation.

Turning to Ashley Farrell the judge said it was a ‘very nasty offence’.

She added that he had turned up at someone’s house and when he was refused entry assaulted him and caused over £1,200 in damage to his car.