Broken glass danger at play park

Glass found at Loughbrickland park
Glass found at Loughbrickland park

Loughbrickland play park is an accident waiting to happen - thanks to local yobs who have littered the area with broken glass.

That’s the view of some people who claim it’s only a matter of time before a child is seriously hurt because the park in the local village is covered in shards of glass.

One mother from the area was at the park over the weekend with her toddler and was shocked to see broken glass all over the play area.

This small park boasts an excellent play area for children but vandals are making it dangerous for parents to bring their children to enjoy it.

Another lady who brings her children to the park said something must be done to stop vandals from spoiling the park.

“These mindless yobs are making it dangerous for the children to play. They need to think about the consequences of their actions.”

A spokesman for Banbridge District Council said a park warden had been alerted by a member of the public that glass had been broken in the play park area and it was cleared up as soon as possible.

The Council reiterated the danger that irresponsible actions like this pose to children using the park stating a “child could have been maimed or worse”. The spokesman said the Council is “dismayed that people choose to behave like this in a play park.”

Last month signs warning of the presence of toxic algae close to the play park were erected in the village after algae bloomed in Loughbrickland lake, which was closed to anglers due to concerns for public safety. The lake feeds a river flowing past the park.