Book chronicles the life and times of Banbridge Council

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A new book chronicling Banbridge District Council’s 42 years of distinguished history has gone on sale at the Old Town Hall and the F.E. McWilliam Gallery and Studio priced at £5 each.

Set within a wider political context, the book documents how the council evolved from a fledgling organisation with limited powers to a mature citizen-centred local authority that had its powers gradually increased and its scope of work greatly expanded.

‘Era of Excellence - A Brief History of Banbridge District Council 1973-2015’ highlights many of the council’s key achievements over the past four decades.

It is full of interesting facts and images which help bring the council’s history to life. Learn about the council’s legacy and the important role it played in shaping the district and improving the quality of life for local people.

As a limited number of this quality publication is available, it is recommended that you grab a copy while you can.

It would not only be a unique gift for a friend or family member but also a good reference tool for anyone with an in interest in local politics

or history.