Blind people in Banbridge urged to make a claim for TV licence

Anybody in Banbridge who is severely sight-impaired (blind), or lives with someone who is, should make be claiming their 50 per cent reduction in the cost of their annual TV Licence, said TV Licensing today.

TV Licensing has been working with RNIB and groups which support people who are severely sightimpaired to make sure anyone who is eligible to receive the concession is aware and takes advantage of the reduced TV Licence fee. Last year more than 37,400 blind concessionary licences were issued in the UK, including over 10 in Banbridge. Live-in carers or family members could also benefit from the concession. A blind concession TV Licence costs £72.75 for colour and £24.50 for a black and white.

Mark Sterling, spokesperson for TV Licensing said: “If you live with someone who is severely sightimpaired, they are entitled to a blind concession TV Licence which is half the price of a full fee licence.

“This will cover you, as well as anyone else living in your household. There are also many ways to pay - online with a debit card, direct debit, over-the-counter by phone or post.”