Bin Action Group ‘cranks up’ campaign

BAG Protestors outside Banbridge Civic Building  �Paul Byrne Photography INBL1506-226PB
BAG Protestors outside Banbridge Civic Building �Paul Byrne Photography INBL1506-226PB

The Banbridge ‘Bin Action Group’ is taking steps to widen its campaign after it claimed the trial waste collection schedule was to be introduced to the new ABC council area, and so further include Armagh and Craigavon.

With a change of name, the group is now acting under the banner of ABC BAG, and is calling on support for a fundraising campaign to enable them to print and distribute flyers, newspaper advertisements and posters.

“The time has come to widen our campaign to include the councillors who will be sitting on the new ABC super council, as the last thing we want is for this ridiculous scheme to be rolled out to all the areas covered by it,” said organiser Drew Gregg.

“ABC councillors are already discussing a proposal to introduce this across the ABC council area. To date there are 14 ABC councillors out of the 41 elected councillors who have publicly said they will oppose the plan.”

“We need to grab these councillors’ attention quickly,” he continued, calling for photographic evidence of fly tipping and rubbish strewn streets.

A new petition to cover all of the ABC area has also been drawn up at

Mr Gregg continued: “it is apparent that a considerable number of ratepayers in the Armagh and Craigavon areas would oppose a four week collection. There are a lot of angry people out there.

“We will be making this an issue for the upcoming Westminster election candidates who will be seeking all our votes.”

The decision comes following a protest outside the civic buildings last Monday night, timed to coincide with the monthly council meeting.

Around 25 protestors gathered with placards to express their disapproval.

Organisers said: “A massive thanks to those who braved the cold yet again to stand in front of the council building to highlight our Say No to the 4 week black bin collection campaign.

“You are really worthy of the highest praise for your dedicated stance throughout this campaign.”

Meanwhile the group have also said it ‘applauds’ the actions of David Simpson MP, as he faces down accusations of meddling in the bins issue.

“He was the only representative of any party at any level (Westminster, Stormont or council) to request a meeting with our Bin Action Group to discuss the matter. No representative of Banbridge District Council requested to meet us either, they all chose to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the thousands of ratepayers who had already expressed their opposition to this scheme.”