Banbridge police hunt laughing gang behind vandalism spree

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Police in Banbridge are on the hunt for a gang of laughing vandals behind a criminal damage spree that has left a trail of destruction in the Donaghcloney, Dromore and Waringstown triangle.

According to local police, since early October there have been eleven incidents of criminal damage to residential property involving what they suspect is a gang wielding a sledge hammer or similar tool.

The vandals are believed to use a small silver hatchback car with a loud exhaust as their getaway vehicle.

In an attempt to net the criminals, Banbridge police have taken to social media and are appealing to the public to help them track down the perpetrators.

“We believe this is being carried out by the same group, who probably think its funny to wreck peoples fences”, said the police.

“We’re looking for the driver and occupants of a small silver hatchback car which has a loud exhaust. On one occasion, they were heard to run from the scene laughing.

“The damage that has been caused suggests they are using a sledge hammer or similar, and for obvious reasons we want to catch up with them, and quickly.

“If you are one of the people responsible for this damage, have a word with yourself, and wind your neck in.

“Criminal damage isn’t a laughing matter, puts other people out of pocket, and will leave you with a criminal record. On top of that, any tools used will be considered offensive weapons, and if we come face to face with you in those circumstances you’ll be dealt with in an appropriately robust manner.

“If you live in the area, or have any idea as to who it might be, phone us. Call 101 at any time if you see a small silver hatch back, particularly with a loud exhaust, or indeed any vehicle in suspicious circumstances so we can check it out.Share this with anyone in the Lagan River area, and call us straight away if you have any concerns or sightings. We’re confident that together we can catch up with these jokers.”