‘Banbridge is not to open to drugs trade’

Banbridge is not open to the drugs trade and the community must join forces with police to ensure the community does not suffer further following the recent death of a local man.

That is the emphatic message from Ulster Unionist Councillor Glenn Barr, who said that following recent death of a young Banbridge man in Banbridge, he will be raising the issue at the next meeting of the local Police Community Safety Partnership.

Mr Barr explained, “Recent events in Banbridge involving the alleged use of drugs, are a tragic reminder of the horror and pain that drugs can inflict on society on both a national and local basis.

“I will be bringing these events up at the next meeting of the Police and Community Safety Partnership to send out a clear message that Banbridge District is certainly not open to the drugs trade. The local community, PSNI and elected representatives all have a role to play, and my colleagues and I on the PCSP will work to ensure that the scourge of drugs will not blight our community.

“My Ulster Unionist colleagues and I recently met with the local police commander where we discussed these issues and sought assurances that all was being done to address the community`s concerns. However the police can`t do it on their own. Every piece of information counts.

“I would encourage anyone who has any information on the selling or use of drugs to help save lives and contact the PSNI directly or alternatively contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. If anyone wants to discuss these issues directly with me, I can be contacted via Facebook, Twitter, email or by mobile.”