Banbridge councillors to serve on ABC Council

Members of the new ABC Council.
Members of the new ABC Council.

Two Banbridge District councillors have been elected to vice-chair positions in the new ABC – Armagh, Banbridge, Craigavon – council.

Paul Rankin (DUP) and Glenn Barr (UUP) were selected at the first meeting of the new council last week.

Councillor Rankin will serve alongside the Chair of Strategy and Governance, Ken Twyble of the UUP, while councillor Barr will serve with the SDLP’s Mealla Campbell, the Services Chair.

The ABC council met to elect its Chair and committee leaders on June 12, and the selection, under the D’Hondt System, was quiet and constructive. DUP, being the strongest party (with 13 of the 41 members) had first choice and nominated Darryn Causby as Chair. UUP were next (12 members) and elevated Kenneth Twyble (Craigavon). The rest was, again, according to strength, with SF having eight members, SDLP six, and one apiece for UKIP and 
Independent. Representatives of all groups gave constructive speeches. Brendan Curran (SF) said: “We’re on the cusp of a new era and must work together as one entity, not three. We must give the people the best possible service”.