Banbridge Christmas Tree

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BANBRIDGE District Council has defended criticism of the towns’s Christmas tree saying “there’s still work to be done”.

With concerns voiced ahead of Friday night’s Christmas lights switch on, Council Communications assistant, Jeff Byers, said “I am fully confident the tree will be ready in time for the event”.

Disappointed residents have turned to the Leader’s facebook page to comment on the festive specticle. Carla Evans said it’s “pathetic” and John Magowan commented on the council’s “do rightly attitude”.

Referring to a christmas tree in a near-by town, Zoe McSherry said “it’s gorgeous, so it shows it can be done. This town just doesn’t bother”.

The council too has received over 100 comments in relation to the tree this year, but wanted to stress the message that residents need to be patient. Mr Byers said “the Technical Services department are working hard in advance of the switch on. We hope everyone will come along and enjoy the event”.