Ballylisknamuckaconnel Lane Lower may not be passable in snow, say PSNI in ‘tongue and cheek’ snow safety alert

It's snowing at Lurgan Police Station
It's snowing at Lurgan Police Station

Ballylisknamuckaconnel Lane Lower may not be passable this morning, say the PSNI in a ‘tongue and cheek’ safety alert after snow carpeted the country.

PSNI Craigavon warned drivers in particular to take care on the roads - and, mixed with some clever quips, pointed out that the dangers of snow are ‘not fun’.

And they said that while roads such as the M1 the A1 and other major arteries would be passable minor roads may not be.

On their Facebook page, they said: “For those people without windows, or who have steered clear of the “Oooooh it’s snowwiiiiing” Facebook status deluge...newsflash, it’s snowing.

“If you’re driving early in the morning, set the alarm an extra half hour early at least. We all know that as a county, we don’t do snow very well. Be prepared for people forgetting how to drive. Expect there to be morons more interested in Snapchatting the snow covered car beside them rather than looking at the braking car ahead of them.

“Expect the unexpected. Allow extra time for your journeys, but above all - prepare your car before you leave.

“Clear ALL snow off your windscreens, de ice thoroughly, and clear the snow off your roof too. If it dislodges and comes down over your windscreen you could be driving blind. Not fun.

“Slow down, allow extra stopping distance, expect ice and please please be careful out there.

“Roads service are out in force. Let’s accept this now though- the likes of the M1, A1, Moy Road, Moira Road, Gilford Road etc will all be passable. The Ballylisknamuckaconnel Lane Lower may not be. It’s a priorities game.”