Baby Mia’s special delivery on 11/11/11

DESPITE the best efforts of a surgeon, Drummullan baby Mia Nealon wasn’t going to be rushed at birth - arriving four minutes past the memorable time of 11.11am on November 11.

Little Mia’s mum Deborah had a Caeserean Section at Craigavon Area Hospital and was advised by her surgeon that they would be able to deliver the baby for 11 minutes past the hour of 11am last week.

But baby Mia, who weighed in at 7lbs and 6ozs and is a sister to two-year-old Caidín, was determined she would arrive on her own time and, after temporarily getting “stuck”, was finally born at 11.15am last Friday.

Deborah said she and her husband David were more concerned that their first daughter would arrive safely and so were overjoyed when she finally appeared - if four minutes after the predicted time of arrival.

“To be honest I hadn’t really thought about that particular time until the surgeon said ‘We’ll try and get this baby out for 11.11am’,” Deborah told the Mail. “I didn’t really care about that as long as she arrived safe and healthy. But when they were joking about what time she’d be born it made me laugh and calmed me down a bit ahead of the birth so it was good!”

Since Mia’s arrival Deborah, who owns Deb’s Kool Kuts hairdressers in Drummullan, said she and the family have been inundated with good wishes from relatives, friends and colleagues.

“It’s been mad,” she said. “We’ve had so many people calling and sending messages on Facebook since Mia was born. It’s great, everyone has been very good and wished us well. I plan to return to work in a few weeks and want to thank all my customers for their patience and being so understanding.”

The mother-of-two also extended her thanks to the team of medical staff at Craigavon Area Hospital for their care during her time there.