Amy gets a pie in the face for a good cause

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Rathfriland woman Amy O’Reilly recently took a pie in the face, but it was all for a good cause to raise money and awareness of Huntington’s Disease.

Amy (30), who runs her own interior design business, took on the challenge after being nominated by friend Leeanne McClean.

“The ‘pie in the face’ challenge is basically a take on the ice bucket challenge and was inspired by it,” explained Amy.

“The idea is to get as many people involved as possible in order to raise money and awareness for Huntington’s disease.

“By getting involved, I mean either doing the challenge themselves and taking a pie in the face or by donating to the cause.”

Amy was inspired to take the challenge after her friend nominated her and shared her family’s experience of the disease.

“I first found out about the challenge when I was nominated by Leeanne, who has been very active in trying to promote this scheme as it’s very close to her heart after both her gran and her great aunt died of the disease,” explained Amy.

“I agreed to take the challenge when I heard why she was doing it. Plus I’m never one to refuse a challenge!”

Huntington’s disease (HD) is a neurodegenerative genetic disorder that affects muscle coordination and leads to cognitive decline and behavioural symptoms.

“There is no cure, it’s progress cannot be reversed or slowed down although this is the aim of a number of research projects,” continued Amy.

“Once the faulty gene is triggered the person will slowly deteriorate but it’s a process that can take 15/20 years and as a result leaves a lot pressure put on the family and carers as the person becomes less and less mobile and more distant from the person they used to know.

“The charity are always needing help with research and carers etc and just to raise awareness in general so I was more than happy to play my part by making people aware of the disease and the impact it can have on families.”

People can donate at

All the money donated towards Amy’s challenge will stay in Northern Ireland.


All the money donated to that cause will stay within Northern ireland


All the money donated to that cause will stay within Northern ireland