All welcome for historical society’s talk

Dromore High School paramedic talk
Dromore High School paramedic talk

The next meeting of Banbridge Historical Society will be held in The Old Town Hall Banbridge at 7 30 pm on Thursday, November 3, when David Hume will give a talk on the Picts and the Scots.

The origins of the Picts and Scots are shrouded in mystery and are the stuff of which legends are born.

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The Picts were great fighters. They caused the Roman Army to build Hadrian’s Wall as a defence against their ferocious attacks.

They were artistic, skilful people, thought to be excellent farmers, who grew crops and kept animals for food and clothing.

Horses must have been important to them because they are depicted on many of their carved stones.

There is no record of them dying out so they probably became absorbed into the multi-ethnic nation we now know as Scotland.

The Picts and Scots developed independently from each other on either side of the Grampian Mountains.

They spoke different languages and had different designs and symbols on their stones and jewellery.

The king of the Scots ruled over the ancient kingdom of Dalriada, which stretched from the north of Ireland into Scotland.

It was once thought that the Scots came from Ireland and gave their name to Scotland, but recently doubt has arisen about this theory.

Doubtless David Hume will give Banbridge Historical Society more information on what is a fascinating subject.

Visitors are always welcome to Banbridge Historical meetings.

They are charged just £3 for the evening, which includes light refreshments.