Advice for farmers with fodder costs

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THE district’s farmers have been advised to make full use of the 2013 DARD (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development) Fodder Transport Scheme.

Independent Unionist MLA for South Down, John McCallister, has urged all farmers in the area to make full use of the scheme after the Agriculture Minister allocated a maximum of £1m to help defray transport costs.

“All farmers who are suffering a significant fodder shortage may apply for aid,” Mr McCallister said. “The scheme opened on Saturday, May 18, and ends at midnight on May 31, so there is a short window of opportunity.”

Farmers must complete a 2013 DARD Fodder Transport Scheme and copies can be obtained from Hauliers or downloaded from”

Farmers are advised to seek a record of the delivery and keep a copy of the form for their records.

“Anyone who is having difficulties downloading the form or who needs advice can contact me on 07833668602 or call my constituency office on 028437 27085,” Mr McCallister added.

He also advised farmers they must telephone a haulier selected from a list on the website and make individual arrangements. Farmers are advised to agree a price with the haulier, ensuring this includes the transport rate reduction.

For the purpose of the scheme, eligible fodder is defined as hay, silage or haylage and straw.