Additional security measures to be put in place at disused school site

The old Dromore Central Primary School building on Banbridge Road.
The old Dromore Central Primary School building on Banbridge Road.

Additional security measures are being put in place at the old Dromore Central Primary School building in a bid to prevent further anti-social behaviour at the property.

The move comes in response to reports of young people gaining access to the disused building on Banbridge Road and causing damage.

Alderman Paul Rankin.

Alderman Paul Rankin.

Alderman Paul Rankin said he has raised concerns with the Education Authority about “damage being caused to the fencing at the old school and reports of youths breaking into the main building.”

“These incidents have happened on several occasions and I have relayed these complaints to the Education Authority, who have been out on site previously to secure the fencing and building.

“I always advise people who witness anyone trying to break into the old school building, or to cause any damage to property, to phone the PSNI immediately,” the Lagan River representative said.

Responding to Alderman Rankin’s concerns, an Education Authority spokesperson said: “The Education Authority will be putting in place additional measures to prevent access to the former school building.”

It’s understood police are also planning to step up patrols in the area.

Meanwhile, the Education Authority has revealed that it is in talks with interested parties about the long-term future of the former school site.

“EA officers are currently meeting with relevant stakeholders to discuss potential options for future use of this site,” the spokesperson confirmed.

Alderman Rankin added: “I believe people in Dromore would wish to see the old building and site put to some good use and for the building to be preserved in some way, due to the historical connection it holds for many within the area. I hope the Education Authority will consult with local elected reps before any final decisions are made in regards to the old school.”