A heartfelt thanks

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DO you want to thank someone for making your life a little better? No matter how big or small the deed was the Leader is here to help you say thank-you to someone special.

Simply drop us a private mail on Facebook or call 406 62745 and give us your name and message - and we’ll print it the next week for free. What better way to let someone know how grateful you are to them?

Mandy Berry said: “I would like to thank Helen Mount as she is the best mum ,nanny and great granny that any one would like to have.We are all so lucky to have her if there anything wrong she is there for us all.We love you and wish you the best Christmas as you deserve it. Love from daughters Mandy,Jill,grandchildren Helen,Lyn,Ronan,Nathan Courtney,Nicole.great grandchildren Chloe,leah,and Jack

Amy Savage said: “I would really appreciate a small shout out to my family as I’ve been away in uni for so long! It’s the McCann family, especially mum Catherine and step-dad David. I can’t wait to see them soon and wish them all a merry Christmas!”

Kirsty Toman said, “A very merry Christmas to Janet and Joe Toman lots of love grandchild Bailey xoxox