A heartfelt ‘thank-you’...

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DO you want to thank someone for making your life a little better? No matter how big or small the deed was the Leader is here to help you say thank-you to someone special.

Simply drop us a private mail on Facebook or call 406 62745 and give us your name and message - and we’ll print it the next week for free. What better way to let someone know how grateful you are to them?

Tara Purdy would like to say a big thank you to her mummy, Carolyn. “She is always there for her children,” said Tara. “She has helped me through a very hard year and I know I owe my smile to her.”

As part of the fundraising for Donard School’s trip to Disneyland a performance of ‘The Rare Old Times was held’ and Bernie Scullion would like to thank everyone involved for putting on the show.

“To our wonderful actors Oliver Moore and Ken McElroy thank you for a great play and for doing it for Donard School.

“Thanls to the Royal British Legion, Gilford for the use of the Venue free of charge, to all who donated prizes for the raffle and to all those who bought tickets and gave donations.

“I hope you all enjoyed the play - I know I did.”

She added, “We have raised over £900 for Donard Special Needs School’s Disney trip

“Again many thanks to you all - you all made it a very enjoyable success!”

Amy Owens said, “I would like to say thank you to my sister Linda Fegan who lives in Rathfriland. My mum and dad died 12 years ago and I was only 19 and her last words to mum was she would look after me. Despite numerous sicknesses she has endeavoured to make sure i’m ok and phones me every day and is excited for me when things happen like only a mother could. She does all the things a mother would and my mum and dad would be proud of her “