Students impressed
by image consultant

Do you ever find yourself frantically rummaging through the wardrobe with tempers flying, hopelessly trying to put together that perfect sophisticated outfit, half an hour before a night out? We have all been there.

Saturday, 22nd November 2014, 11:35 am

When getting ready to go out or the evening it’s sometimes nice to receive a second opinion on what you’re planning to wear.

This is why it’s encouraging to know there are fashion image consultants, such as Billy Dixon, available.

Billy Dixon has dressed some of the most powerful people in politics and is Ireland’s only male image consultant with a top niche global clientele including well-known television presenters and sports personalities, among others.

From humble beginnings to achievement of international fame, Billy has established that everyone has inner confidence.

However, many lose this through life experiences and setbacks, resulting in a large percentage of the population growing up with low self-esteem and very little personal confidence.

Billy is a true believer that image is extremely important, as companies spend millions of pounds promoting their products yet ignore their most important asset, their staff.

Dromore High school was privilaged to welcome Billy to chat about image and how to maintain a healthy body for an evening of fashion and refreshments.

Billy explained that most men and women wear only six main colours that they feel comfortable in, but in fact there are 48 different colours on the pallet to choose from.

For the ladies Billy advised how to wear the correct makeup and in general what colours go together.

For the gentlemen, Billy talked about different haircuts and how to shave correctly.

Billy’s time at Dromore School was valued by many as it encouraged the audience to believe in themselves, have personal and social confidence and, most importantly, provided all with a wider knowledge on how to dress well, what colours complement each other and all in all how to take care of themselves mentally and physically.

Overall, Billy’s visit was a huge success.

His practical approach has made him a popular conference speaker, described as inspirational, fun and informative.