Sharon reaches target weight loss

BANBRIDGE woman Sharon Niblock is celebrating after reaching her target weight loss of three stone with the local Weightwatchers group.

Having joined the group in January the 41-year-old was determined to stick to a healthy lifestyle and is now reaping the benefits. A keen runner, the mother-of-one said she has completely changed her lifestyle but feels it wasn’t too much of a challenge because of Weightwatcher’s simple programme.

“It didn’t even feel like I was on a diet most of the time because of the way the programme works,” she said. “As long as you stick to your points you are able to have a night out, the odd chcolate bar and even the odd chinese so it’s great!

“I feel a lot fitter now and love to run. It’s great to be able to wear nice clothes and maybe even pick up some things I wouldn’t have been able to wear before.

“And it’s ver flexible with both morning and evening meetings. I would have gone to a lot of the morning meetings and I think there must be between 20 and 30 members now.”

And Sharon had more than a few words of praise for the group leader Bernie Walsh.

“Bernie is just great,” said Sharon. “She is able to give you fantastic motivation and is just a great group leader so I’d like to thank her for all her help. And I also want to thanks John Niblock, my personal trainer, for all his help and support.”