Primary school pupil ‘Addycooks’ up a storm on Youtube

Inspired by his mother’s Chinese heritage and his own love for fresh, healthy food, Adam Cooper, a P7 student from Ballymoney has turned his passion into reality by founding his own Youtube channel, Addycooks, to share his recipes with the world.

Saturday, 15th February 2020, 1:37 pm

“Adam loves cooking and is passionate about getting more young people and adults alike to cook healthy, tasty food,” says Adam’s mum, Bonny. His Youtube page features recipes like Chicken Fried Rice (right) and Adam talks viewers through the various methods and steps required to create his tantalising Chinese inspired meals.

At this time of year, it’s so easy to resign oneself to ready meals and bland oven food but as Bonny states “all Adam’s recipes are easy and tasty” – all of the recipes take less than 20 minutes to make from start to finish and use ingredients easily found in your local supermarket.

“Easy Chinese food that you can cook yourself” is Addycooks’ tag line, and he couldn’t be more accurate. A recipe for Spicy Black Bean Pork or Hometown Pork, as it’s called on Addy’s channel, is inspired by a trip to Foshan, China, Bonny’s hometown - also the hometown of the world’s most famous martial artist, Bruce Lee.

Whilst in Foshan, Adam and Bonny visited their ancestral home and were lucky enough to visit a film set where Adam got the chance to pretend to cook at an old-style street food stall. The experience was one to remember and upon return, Adam and Bonny got the chance to practice all they had learned when taking part in a local community event in Dervock, Co Antrim, to celebrate its Chinese connections.

This event gave Adam a chance to share and serve some of his homemade Chinese food, which made use of his recipes available on the Addycooks channel. With over 60 videos and recipes, it might be hard to choose which delicious meal to prepare, so we’ve picked a quick and easy healthy take on a Chinese favourite to share with you here. The full collection of Adam’s recipes can be viewed by searching ‘Addycooks’ on Youtube.

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