A day in the life of Keri Cassidy

Keri Cassidy Taylor. DiL. INUS5213-DIL
Keri Cassidy Taylor. DiL. INUS5213-DIL
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Keri Cassidy Taylor runs Suzuki Early Childhood Education classes and Suzuki Method violins lessons in St Marks Church, Ballymacash.

The Suzuki Method is unique as it has a philosophy running through the heart of the musical education. Keri began her Suzuki Method education at the age of three when she was involved in Northern Ireland’s first Suzuki Group, led by Brigid Walton.

After reading music at the University of Ulster, Keri was delighted to be accepted by audition into the violin teacher training programme with the British Suzuki Institute in London where, over the next five years she would complete her Suzuki violin teaching training (Level 5). Keri is delighted to have reintroduced the Suzuki Method to Northern Ireland after a 20 year absence.

Each day is different when teaching children. Suzuki Early Childhood Education classes are held in the morning and Suzuki violin lessons after school and into the evening. At 9.45am parent/carer and child (age 0 - 3) arrive at St Marks Hall where they participate in the weekly one hour music class. The Suzuki ECE class is much more than music, it is a multi-skill development class where parents and children enjoy learning to work together, laying the foundation for all future learning. Parents and children listen to the curriculum CD daily and enjoy building their repertoire of lullabies, actions songs and nursery rhymes. Parents are expert observers of their children and the children watch the actions of their parents and gradually begin to imitate them. We celebrate every step of success as we build on the development of our ability. One of our important skills is listening. We use a variety of instruments, each with beautiful ringing tone. With my help, the children learn to play the instruments - listening for and striving to imitate beautiful ringing tone. Once the class has finished, I prepare for the Suzuki violin lessons. Students begin as young as possible, usually between the ages 3 - 6. The Suzuki Triangle involves the teacher, parent and child. Parents learn to play first and attend all lessons with their child, enabling them to supervise daily practice at home. As the children listen to their repertoire CD everyday, their listening, tone, pitch, rhythm, memory and aural skills develop to a very high level. The children receive weekly individual and fortnightly group lessons where the families join together and enjoy observing and learning as a violin community.

I have the best job in the world, it is such a privilege to watch the children develop.