THROUGH THE ARCHIVES: Directors of Portstewart Tramway into construction agreement

From the News Letter, August 19, 1881

Wednesday, 19th August 2020, 6:00 am
Portstewart, Co Londonderry. Picture: Philip Magowan/PressEye
Portstewart, Co Londonderry. Picture: Philip Magowan/PressEye

Plans for the construction of a new tramway at Portstewart in Co Londonderry was the subject of a notice published in the News Letter on this day in 1881.

The notice had been published for the purpose on informing shareholders of the tramway that the directors had entered into an agreement for the construction of the tramway.

The notice read: “The directors have great pleasure in informing shareholders that they have entered into preliminary arrangements for a contract for the making of the tramway with Messrs Butler and Fry, at the sum of £3,400, and which contract they expect will be completed within the space of three months. The directors have given instruction to have tenders for the furnishing of one engine and two cars for the use the tramway, to include first, second and third classes, and luggage compartment.”

The notice continued: “The Belfast and Northern Counties Railway Company have, in addition to becoming extensive shareholders of the company, entered into preliminary arrangements to lend them £1,000, which, it is expected, with the amount of shares already subscribed for, will enable this company to complete the works, put on sufficient rolling stock, and to discharge all claims on them. The shareholders will be asked to confirm this arrangement.”

The notice concluded: “At the last meeting of directors a call of £2 10s per share was made, to include the deposit already paid, and it is hoped that shareholders will make the lodgements in good time, and enable the directors to be in a position to pay the contractors when the work is finished and certified.”