Modern Mindfulness for the community

Banbridge teacher Caroline McGrath MSc is doing her bit to help local communities and primary schools with Mindfulness.

Saturday, 7th December 2019, 1:58 pm
Banbridge teacher Caroline McGrath MSc

Caroline is continuing her studies and has already successfully completed additional recognised qualifications including Child Psychology. Whilst working in Melbourne, Australia Caroline developed and facilitated a successful Mindfulness group. Workshops include Youthful Yoga, Mindful Meditations, Blissful Breathing along with other quick and easy practices and strategies that can be implemented by the entire family.

Caroline said: “Having taught a variety of different stages and children with various requirements in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Australia and the Middle East I can see the benefits of mindfulness measures being incorporated into children’s life’s. Speaking from experience implementing mindfulness strategies children are noticeably happier, increased self-esteem, increased confidence, children are more resilient which improves their overall academic performance and interest in extracurricular and sporting activities.”

For information visit the Modern Mindfulness with Caroline Facebook page or email [email protected]