Tommy puts on a '˜royal' exhibition

An exhibition featuring the works of Banbridge artist Tommy Barr has opened in the Viseslav Gallery in Nin, the first royal city and medieval capital of Croatia.

Wednesday, 1st August 2018, 5:48 pm
Updated Friday, 31st August 2018, 5:07 pm
Tommy pictured on opening night with curator Marijana Ramov.
Tommy pictured on opening night with curator Marijana Ramov.

Founded in the seventh century, Nin was the first Croatian capital, the centre of administration and culture, where cathedrals were built and princes were crowned.

Viseslav Gallery, the municipal gallery, is named after one of Croatia’s important early rulers, Prince Viseslav.

Guests to the exhibition were welcomed under clear blue skies into a place which Tommy described as uniquely beautiful and culturally important.

The exhibition, entitled “Manifestations of Space”, which was also presented earlier this year in the Island Gallery in Lisburn includes the work of four artists, Jasna Barisic from Zadar, Andrea Musa from Split, Branka Ridicki from Zagreb and Tommy Barr from Banbridge.

The four friends are founding members of ConnectingArt, an international collective which they established in Florence in 2003. Through their images the artists strive to provide a shared unique view of our ever changing world. The connections to be found in the paintings have their origins in the subsequent years of collaboration and friendship and in the mutual understanding of contemporary art which has been formed.

On opening night a painting by Tommy was presented by the collective to the permanent collection of the Gallery. It is hoped this will provide a lasting reminder of the event and be enjoyed by visitors for many years to come. It adds to an already impressive body of Tommy’s work held in significant international collections.

Tommy was quick to thank all those involved, in particular curator Marijana Ramov and organiser Jasna Barisic. The whole celebration was planned with an eye to detail and on opening night the gallery was absolutely stunning. Music by Croatian duo Lucija Grabovac and Tony Vlasic provided a melodic soundtrack and complimented the occasion perfectly.

Tommy believes that exhibiting internationally and presenting our artistic culture is important and it is a challenge which he relishes. We are all becoming more connected, something which we can all enjoy. Croatia is fast becoming a popular holiday destination, something which he finds completely unsurprising. Dalmatia is an area of outstanding natural beauty.

He considers the combination of clear blue seas, historic villages and natural cuisine a compelling mix. It is a region which he enjoys and which he hopes to visit again.