There once was a book launch in Banbridge...

Local author, DH Elliot, has had a warm reception to his new book which launched last week at Banbridge’s Old Town Hall.

Wednesday, 29th May 2013, 9:00 am
DH Elliott author of Sparkling Limericks. INBL1313-ELLIOTT
DH Elliott author of Sparkling Limericks. INBL1313-ELLIOTT

Guests, family and friends of the author were on hand to hear about the former Banbridge High School principal’s new venture at the event last Thursday.

‘Sparkling Limericks’ features over 100 original rhymes from the former principal.

“I was very pleased with how the launch went and I was delighted with the turnout,” said Mr Elliot from his Seapatrick home.

“Councillor Joan Baird was amongst the guests, as was Harry Shannon, one of my former colleagues and my long-standing friend Nigel Jess who told a few tales.

“It was a fantastic evening in the company of some good friends with plenty of chatter.”

Many of the five-line excerpts were written several years ago and it took a while to find a home with a publisher.

“I tried to get them published a long time ago, but was unsuccessful,” Mr Elliot added.

“No-one seemed interested because it wasn’t ‘proper’ poetry, but then, just by chance, I came across an advertisement for Stockwell book publishers who were keen on the idea.”

The former headmaster said that it is his almost bawdy sense of humour which has helped him to write some of his best pieces.

“I have a sense of humour about most things and ideas just come into my head.

“I have always enjoyed limericks, particularly the ‘punch’ in the last line.

“It’s good fun making them up and it’s just my own way of looking at things. I’m very glad that Arthur Stockwell publishers liked my collection and decided to publish them in a book.”

‘Sparkling Limericks’ by DH Elliot goes on sale next month priced £6.99 and is available in major bookstores including Easons and Waterstones.