Social Education Centre users unveil art project

SERVICE users at Banbridge Social Education Centre have unveiled their latest art project at the facility.

Thursday, 19th January 2012, 9:02 am

Jill McKeown, Artist-in-Residence with Craigavon and Banbridge Arts Care Committee, explains, “Service users and staff decided to make an artwork for the gable wall to provide a colourful backdrop to a new seating area which is being developed as a relaxation area. They want this area to be bright and welcoming as it was a dull, exposed and very windy space.

“The groups discussed possible themes and because it was such a windy area they decided up on the idea of kites and balloons blowing in the wind, which would also provide the opportunity to use bright colours in the piece.

“The project involved the use of clay from its raw form, which was then moulded and drawn on to create the tiles for the finished piece. The initial tiles were dried, then ‘bisque fired’ and then returned to the group to paint with ceramic glazes before the final firing.”

Manager of Banbridge Social Education Centre Margaret McShane adds, “Previous projects in the Centre have involved mosaic and printmaking. On this occasion, Jill and the groups decided to use ceramics and they spent many sessions creating ceramic panels for the large area. The groups are always very enthusiastic and focussed hard on the project under the direction of Jill and assisted by care workers Iolanda and Alison.”