West Down teams selected to take on Armagh

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The following players have been selected to represent West Down Zone in the annual charity match against Armagh Zone gents’ and ladies’ teams.

Please note that the selected teams are subject to change and if you are unable to play please contact the Zone Convenor as soon as possible. The charity to benefit this year will be the Southern Area Hospice.

Men’s Team

The men’s team will play on Friday 10th October 2014 at 7.30pm in Richhill Recreation Centre.

Rink 1 - D. Scott (Garvaghy Pres), T. Gray, J. Gray, J. Wilson (All Saints)

Rink 2 - D. Gilliland (St. Patrick’s), H. Hylands (All Saints), J. Martin (Magherally), A. Johnston (St. Patrick’s)

Rink 3 - R. Scott (Garvaghy), I. McBride (Magherally), G. Chambers (St Colman’s), C. Dillon (St Joseph’s)

Rink 4 - C. Sherwin (Holm Park), N. Shaw (Holm Park), S. Murphy (St. Joseph’s), DJ. Wilson (All Saints)

Rink 5 - S. Black (All Saints), K. Conlon (Geraldines), B. Murphy (St. Joseph’s), R. Martin (All Saints)

Rink 6 - R. Bolton, D. Graham (All Saints), R. Kidd (St. Joseph’s), G. Clinghan (Holm Park)

Reserves in no particular order: J. Gilliland (St. Patrick’s) S McBride, (Magherally), L. Magennis (St. Joseph’s), D. Malcolmson (Ballydougan), C Wilson (St. Colman’s), M. Wilson (St Colman’s) A. Magee (St John’s)

Ladies Team

The ladies team will play on Saturday 11th October 2014 at 10.30am in Richhill Recreation Centre.

Rink 1 - A. Burrell (All Saints), M. Leckey (Ballydougan), V. Leckey, A. Cannaway (All Saints)

Rink 2 – C. Wilson (St Colman’s), A. Magee (St. John’s), B. Wilson (St Colman’s), B. Conlon (St John’s)

Rink 3 – J. Black (All Saints), S. Smith, M. Dawson (Holm Park), A. Polin (St. John’s)

Rink 4 - N. Kinnin (St John’s), C. Ogle, L. Aiken (Holm Park), L. Martin (Magherally)

Rink 5 - S. Livingstone (Scarva St), S. Dunn (Gilford RBL), A. Harvey (Scarva Pres), E. Robb (Magherally)

Rink 6 - E. Steele (Magherally), A. Stevenson (Scarva St), P. Linden (St Joseph’s), P. Martin (Magherally)

Reserves in no particular order: M. Adair (Magherally), E. Dickson (Scarva St), P. Hayes (St Patrick’s), L. Quinn (St. John’s).