This week’s sweep results

SUNDAY MAY 27 - Robert Haire really excels in the Sunday Sweep.

This was his third win on a Sunday this year. Most players are pleased if they can win this particular sweep once a year. Not so Robert! He has his sights set on winning it ten times in 2012.

1st- Robert Haire (18) Nett 31.

2nd- Eamon McAnarney (14) Nett 32.

3rd- John McComick (14) Nett 33.

MONDAY MAY 28 - This little victory will cheer up John McDowell after his disappointment in the Ulster Cup.

David Cherry and Jonathan Burns shared the large 2’s pot between themselves.

1st- John McDowell (10) 31 points.

2nd- David Cherry (12) 28 points.

3rd- Jonathan Burns (4) 28 points.