Series of festive sweeps brings 2013 season at Banbridge Golf Club to an end

The 2013 golfing season has come to an end.

The weather over the final two weeks was not as bad as forecast and brought these results.


If ever a man was happy to see his name on top of the leaderboard, it was Stanley Dickson. Stanley has had an up and down season. He has played well on several occasions but never achieved that elusive winner’s spot. Up until now, that is. 32 points over 13 holes in difficult conditions is no mean achievement. He wasn’t going to return his card as he thought it wasn’t good enough. Lucky for him, his playing partners encouraged him to do so. How right they were!

1st Stanley Dickson (20) 32 points.

Section 0-12:

1st Bruce McCandless (6) 30 points.

2nd Peter Hillen (11) 29 points.

Section 13- 17:

1st Sherwin Curran (15) 31 points.

2nd Noel Cruikshanks (14) 30 points.

Section 18+:

1st Albert Morrison (18) 31 points.

2nd John Poots (18) 30 points.


Michael Mc Greevey is a keen supporter of the Sunday Sweep as are the rest of the McGreevey clan. Michael is a better than average 12 handicapper and it is a little bit of a surprise that Michael had to wait until late December for his first Sunday success of 2013. Maybe he will get off the mark a bit quicker in 2014.

1st Michael McGreevey (12) Nett 31.

2nd Paul Wylie (11) Nett 31.5.

3rd Eamon McAnarney (12) Nett 33.


In years gone by, the Boxing Day Sweep was one of the biggest competitions of the year. There were loads of prizes, mostly alcohol, and the clubhouse was packed all day. Times have changed and the competition is now a lot more low-key.

Nevertheless, it is wonderful to win it and all our congratulations go to John Molloy, the 2013 Boxing Day champion.

1st John Molloy (21) 30 points.

2nd Michael Beattie (16) 30 points.

3rd Mel Hamill (15) 29 points.


Kieran McGreevey started 2013 on a high note, golfing wise, and he rounded off the year on an equally high note.

Kieran won the first Sunday Sweep of the year with a record score of nett 27.5 and he finished the year by winning the last of the Saturday Sweeps. Well done, Kieran.

1st- Kieran McGreevey (21) 33 points.

Section 0-12:

1st Damian Weir (5) 32 points.

2nd Cathal McNiff (12) 31 points.

Section 13-17:

1st Kenny Arlow (14) 32 points.

2nd Garth McDonald (15) 31 points.

Section 18+:

1st Gavin Greer (18) 32 points.

2nd John Poots (18) 32 points.


It’s amazing how many different players win the Sunday Sweep in the course of a year. Darren Barker won this one and he was the 34th matter of interest, there were 37 different winners in 2012 and 34th different winner in 2011.

This was a rewarding day for Paul Faulkner. He finished in third place but, better still, he scooped the entire 2’s pot.

1st Darren Barker (17) Nett 31.5.

2nd Sean McGreevey (18) Nett 33.

3rd Paul Faulkner (14) Nett 34.