Seniors stay top of the league after taking the maximum against Curran

DROMORE seniors played their last home game on Saturday against Curran, turning in a good performance to take all seven points and stay top of Division Two.

Rink 1: G Dawson, Andrew Johnston, F Cranney, G Clinghan.

Rink 2: A Sudlow, R Greer, D Burns, SG Malcomson.

Rink 3: D Graham, J Elliott, K Aiken, D McCandless.

Rink 4: H Hylands, H Maxwell, W Clinghan, D Shanks.

The seniors had a good first five ends to lead by 19. Clinghan was all square. SG was down by a single; McCandless, with the aid of two sixes, was 17 in front with Shanks three to the good.

At the halfway stage the seniors were still going strong to lead by 35. Clinghan was now a single in front, SG had a strong five ends to lead by nine, McCandless was still enjoying the proceedings to be 23 ahead and Shanks was two to the good.

Forty-six was the margin at the three-quarter stage. Clinghan was eight to the good, SG was five ahead, there was no holding back McCandless at 28 and Shanks was in front by five.

In the final six ends the seniors moved on to win by 54. Clinghan pulled away to win by 14; SG also had a big win of 16; McCandless had a field day to be a winner by 23 while Shanks had to be on his toes in the final end to score a one shot victory.

Next Saturday is the final game for the seniors away to Whitehead at 2pm.

- Dromore Juniors, in their last game of the season away to Divis last Friday night, took just a point in a 10 shot defeat.

Rink 1: E Walker, G Ervine, J Topping, A Sudlow.

Rink 2: WJ Morgan, T Ogle, T Gribben, S Malcomson.

Rink 3: S Dugan, K Poots, H Maxwell, T Sudlow.

Rink 4: R Elliott, C Davis, S Harrison, T Wilson.

In an 18-end game Divis had a three shot lead at the halfway stage. A Sudlow was all square, S Malcomson was three down, T Sudlow was a single up while T Wilson was a single down.

The final rink scores at the finish were A Sudlow all square; S Malcomson was eight down; T Sudlow was all square and T Wilson finished down by two.