Round two round-up

TEAM, 6, captained by Trevor Mulholland, were the outstanding performers of round 2 of the winter league.

Their ten counting players all scored in the 30’s. That was a major achievement.

Kenny Jones lead the way with 35 points, followed by Cameron Allison 34, Neil Comiskey 33, John Poots 33, Seamus McGrath 33, Jeffrey Brown 32, Darren Barker 31, Cathal O’Neill 31, Kieran McGreevey 31 and Jim Ledlie 30.

That gave team 6 a team total of 319 points, the best score of round 2. They defeated Merton McDowell’s team 7 by 11 points.

Merton was a little disappointed because his team had seven scores in the 30’s and their team total of 308 points would have beaten quite a few of the other teams. As they say, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Team 8, who still haven’t got a recognised leader, played really well to total 315 points and they beat John McDowell’s team 5 by nine points.

Their two top scorers were Colin McDonald and John Parkes, both with 35 points. Sean McGreevey 34, Sam Wilkinson 32, Mel Hylands 32, John Redpath 31, Conrad Smyth 31 and Brian Parkes 31 ably supported them.

Team 5 had 8 scores in the 30’s from the 11 who played. But they cannot afford to have five no returns. It’s the teams with the largest turnouts who do best, every time.

Team 1, captained by Trevor Woods, maintained their unbeaten record with an 18 points win over Dougie Stevenson’s team 3.

Gerry Blevins and Brian Grimes led the way for team 1 with 33 points each. Walter Smyth, Robin Jardine and Trevor Woods himself all did their bit with 32 points each.

Dougie’s team 3, strongly fancied before the off, had only 10 counting cards out of 16 players. Five no-returns and one disqualification is not the way to win the winter league.

John Hanna’s team 4 secured their first victory by beating Philip Strong’s team 2 by 17 points. They had the two top players of the round on their team. Colin McKinney was the low section winner with 35 points and Victor McNeill won the high section with 36 points. Albert Morrison also finished with 35 points. That gave team 4 an impressive start.

Team 2’s best score was 34 points from Philip Mallon but unfortunately he didn’t get enough support from his colleagues.